For an eco-responsible tourism

Celeste Mountain Lodge is proud to embrace a philosophy of sustainable development in tourism through its low environmental impact practices and commitment to local people.

We believe in the 3Rs rule:




Our commitments

  • Use of certain recycled or recovered materials for construction, decoration and landscaping (recycled tires, recycled plastic boards, wood, construction material scraps).
  • Use of eco-friendly materials (such as coconut fibre), simple and locally available.
  • Plantation wood only (teak) or salvaged wood.
  • Building on plots, 2 floors; minimal movement and land use.
  • Solar panels for hot water.
  • 3 Bio-purifiers for waste water.
  • Saving electricity and water (partial automation of lighting, WC flow control and shower taps, employee education and customer suggestions).
  • Bioclimatic clothes dryer.
  • Exclusive use of biodegradable soaps.
  • Alternative" presentation of meals, to reduced dishwashing.
  • Purchase of bulk products with reuse of packaging.
  • Internal recycling program.
  • Involvement in the local community in the development of healthy and sustainable tourism.
  • Voluntary involvement with the Village Development Association and the Municipality of Upala in tourism.
  • Volunteer consultant to local people involved in tourism development.
  • Role in providing the village with French language courses and vocational training in agreement with the French International Cooperation and the I.N.A.
  • Encouragement of local employment (80% for construction, 95% operation of the Lodge).
  • Purchase of plants and handicrafts, sewing, decoration, etc. provided to local women's groups and a technical college.
  • Fresh produce purchases from local farmers, favouring those who produce organic products.