The eco-lodge

Celeste Mountain Lodge is located on a property comprising 3 hectares of open land and 4 hectares of protected primary forest.

Around the building and on our private “Celeste Trail” of 1.7 km in the primary forest, wildlife is abundant, often offering the opportunity to see monkeys (howlers and capuchins), an extensive list of birds including many toucans, hummingbirds or small parrots but also rarer species, butterflies, mammals such as the tapir that passes on the property. You will discover a very rich vegetation with trees and vines several hundred years old, a great diversity of plants.

The views are impressive, with the arrogant Montezuma (3rd bump of the Tenorio volcano), an arrogant green wall facing the Lodge that sometimes mysteriously disappears into temporary mists. To the west, the five peaks of the Miravalles volcano close the horizon like a curtain of theatre. Further down, in the valley, lies the peaceful rural village of Bijagua.

The heights of Celeste Mountain Lodge offer a constant spring climate with temperatures ranging from 18 to 30 degrees, always caressed by a pleasant breeze. The region is humid, with an average annual rainfall of 4000 mm, with the (dry) summer months of February to May, August and October.

GPS location: N10° 43.083', W85° 1.633''

We strongly recommend coming in your own vehicle, such as a 4×4, as we are quite isolated, and most of the attractions/activities in the area require some form of transportation.

Buses come daily and directly to Bijagua since then: San Jose, Liberia, Cañas and Upala.

Map: How to get to Celeste Moutain Lodge?

The style

The lodge was built in harmony with nature!

In a very contemporary innovative style, which opens up the spaces and abolishes the walls, directly linking the different parts of the Lodge and inviting nature into the building.

The Lodge was designed by the Belgian architect, resident in Costa Rica, Jacqueline Gillet and her assistants Jose Ali Porras and Rafael Tenorio. We would also like to thank Sébastien Verniers, fantastic supervisor of the site.

The sustainable concept, decoration, furniture and equipment were designed by the owners, partly with recycled materials.

Bioclimatic standards have been used to adapt to local conditions and to adhere to our Responsible Tourism philosophy, offering comfortable yet functional accommodation.

The materials used bring both rustic and very modern touches, the details combine simplicity and refinement, right down to your plate.