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Responsible Tourism

The Celeste Mountain Lodge is proud to adhere to a philosophy of sustainable tourism, with low environment impact and eco-friendly practices, innovating in some new ones, as well as a commitment for the development of the local community.

We believe in the "3 R" rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  • Use of some recycled, re-used or salvaged materials (such as boards made of recycled plastic, construction left-overs, wood...)
  • Use of eco-friendly (such as coconut fiber) and locally available building materials
  • Wood only from plantation (teak) or salvaged
  • One building only, set on posts for minimum land movement and occupation
  • Hot water provided by solar panels
  • 3 Bio-depurators for residual waters
  • 180 meters of innovative residual water drainage made with recycled tire pieces
  • Contention wall made of recycled truck tires, giving these many years of additional life
  • Savings in energy and water (smart lighting management, training with staff, suggestive approach with clients)
  • Bio-climatic cloth dryer
  • Economical showers
  • Exclusive use of eco-friendly soaps and detergents
  • Use of biodegradable plastic garbage bags, use of recycled plastic bags
  • Alternative food plate presentation in the restaurant, reducing use of soap and water consumption
  • Internal recycling and refuse elimination program 
  • Purchasing in “bulk” for less packaging and re-using of packaging
  • Reforestation: trees of native species, some endangered
  • “Quiet Neighbor attitude” towards the environment: no unnecessary noise, music, engines, lighting.
  • Involvement with the local community on sustainable tourism development
  • Involvement with the Development Association of the town and the Municipality for tourism and community related projects
  • Counseling to private locals for the establishment of small tourism-related businesses
  • Involvement in bringing language courses and professional training sessions to the community
  • Hiring much as possible in the town (80% for construction and 95% for steady staff)
  • Contracting of local women for handicrafts and decoration items for the Lodge
  • Contracting of a regional school for plants/trees nursery
  • Purchasing of food supplies at 90% from local businesses
  • Purchasing of fresh food supplies from local farmers, favoring those who produce organically