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The Lodge

The Celeste Mountain Lodge sits on a 3 hectares green area and 4 hectares of protected primary rainforest. Because neighboring properties also consist of protected areas, deep jungles surround the lodge on 3 sides.

Around the building and on our private "Celeste Trail" of 1.7 kms in primary forest, wildlife abounds, often allowing to spot and observe local fauna such as monkeys (howler and white-face), an extensive bird species list such as toucans, hummingbirds or parrots and even rare species, also butterflies and mammals as the tapir roams the property. One will also enjoy the rich diversity of the vegetation with centennial trees or vines.

The views from the Lodge are impressive, with the Cerro Montezuma (third hump of the Tenorio volcano) facing arrogantly the property as a massive green wall, sometimes mysteriously fading in a passing mist.
On the west, the 5 imposing peaks of the Miravalles volcano theatrically curtain the horizon. In the valley below lays the small and peaceful village of Bijagua

The mountain top offers a year-long spring-like weather with temperatures between 18 and 30 C, always caressed by a gentle breeze. The region is humid with average annual rainfall of 4000 mm, the summer (dry) months being February to May, August and October.


The Lodge's Style

Celeste Mountain Lodge boasts a very innovative, contemporary design, altering traditional parameters in hotel architecture, opening walls and spaces, blending the different areas and inviting the beauty of the surroundings right inside the building.

The lodge was designed by Costa Rica resident, Belgian-born architect Jacqueline Gillet with assistants Jose Ali Porras and Rafael Tenorio. Our thanks also to Sebastien Verniers as a great supervisor. The concept, furniture and decoration design conceived by the owners, in part from recycled materials.

Bio-climatic standards were adopted in order to adapt to the local conditions and to fit our Responsible Tourism philosophy, offering a comfortable, yet functional accommodation and stay.

The materials used bring a rustic and modern look together, and the details, simplicity and refined creativity, all the way to your plate.


Responsible Tourism

The Celeste Mountain Lodge is proud to adhere to a philosophy of sustainable tourism, with low environment impact and eco-friendly practices, innovating some new ones, as well as a commitment for the development of the local community.



At Celeste Mountain Lodge we believe that good eating must be part of an enriching travel experience.

Therefore we include all 3 meals in your rates. Great value for your money!

We take pride in our Tico Fusion Cuisine, inspired from traditional recipes of the country or in a delicate blend of local ingredients and flavors, with our own touch!