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Welcome to a birdwatcher's paradise!

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Costa Rica has become a favorite destination for naturalists and birders especially. Actually, this small country of only 51,100 Km2 hosts up to 876 species, of which 600 are residents, therefore drawing birdwatchers from around the world.

In Costa Rica, there is some for everybody, from the already familiar to these neo-tropical species to the one looking to discover these creatures in their natural habitats for the first time.

Costa Rica birdwatching boasts: 876 species, 64 families, 6 endemics, 64 endemics shared with neighboring Panama, 16 of the 21 endemics of Central America.

The particular geography of the country, squeezed between 2 oceans (Atlantic & Pacific) and with 2 mountain ranges occupying half of the territory (culminating at 3820 mts), explains such diversity.

Located in the Central American isthmus, Costa Rica constitutes the limits of distribution of species of respectively South America and North America, as well as a temporary home and passage way for migrants.

The region of the Tenorio & Miravalles Volcanoes:

The Celeste Mountain is located on the slopes of the Tenorio Volcano, within the new boundaries of the Volcan Tenorio national park (12,000 hectares) and in the heart of the Tenorio-Miravalles Biological Corridor, an area that links the Lake Nicaragua in the north to the delta of the Tempisque River (Costa Rica) in the south.

This micro region is under the climatic influence of the Caribbean, at an altitude varying between 350 meters (1050 ft) to 1916 mts (5748 ft - Tenorio) or 2020 mts (6060 ft- Miravalles).

Nevertheless, at less than 20 kms is found the climatic barrier with the Pacific, offering from that exposure, semi-humid to dry forests. All these environments in proximity are other explanations to the great local avifauna diversity found in this bird watchers paradise.

The Celeste Mountain Lodge is located at 800 meters (2400 ft) and includes its own private reserve made of primary transitional rain-to-cloud forest.
At Celeste Mountain Lodge, over a year and between migrants and residents, up to 300 species can be observed!

And in a full-day, one can easily count one hundred of birds, of which the very localized:

  • Tody Motmot
  • Keel-billed Motmot
  • Bear-necked umbrella bird
  • Yellow-eared toucanet
  • Great curassow
  • Three-wattled bellbird
  • Dull-mantled ant bird
  • Lattice-tailed trogon
  • Purplish-backed quail-dove
  • Brown-hooded parrot
  • Coppery-headed emerald
  • White-collared manakin
  • White-ruffed manakin
  • Green Shrike vireo
  • Ruffous-winged tanager

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Our Thanks to:

Jean-Jacques Gozard, Amazilia Tours, San Jose, Costa Rica
Richard Garrigues, author of the very respected « The Birds of Costa Rica », San Jose, Costa Rica
Charlie Gómez, Diego Blanco & Marco Morales "Niño", Costa Rica Expeditions